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INTRODUCTION TO REDAS - Redas refers to the Regional Economic Development And Schools. It is designed to link schools and community with economic development on Bell Island. The focus of our project is to research Bell Island's role in WWII and publish our version of the events that occurred on our web site. The goal of our project is to attract tourists to some of the beautiful historic sites and scenery on Bell Island.
Welcome to the St. Michael's High website! On this site you will find many good resources, projects, links, and of course, a great amount about the school, faculty, curriculum, events and such. There is also a feedback page where you can send us an email, sign the guestbook, or take a poll. Enjoy.
Remembering 1942:
Lance Cove Bell Island

An account of the torpedoing of the ore carriers Hasegana by U-boat 513 in the waters off Lance Cove, Sept. 5, 1942, and the similar dispatching of the PLM 27 and the S.S. Rose Castle by U-518 in the same location the following November 2nd.
By Stahn Loden

Compiled by Stahn Loden this website recounts the early settlement of Lance Cove. Lots of pictures and information. "This little paper was originally put together around thirty five years ago from copious notes from various sources such as old periodicals and newspapers, microfilm, church registers, cemetery headstone inscriptions, etc..." Original Bell Island tourism web site. For more information on the evolution and status of this page check out About This Site
Bell Island Web Mail Another Bell Island related web based mail service. This service was set up by Timothy .

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This is a Virtual Reality site, that consists of NF and Bell Island. Visitors can walk the rocky shores and climb over the mountains or just sit beside the ocean. Bell Island is there with the #6 mine and the shipwrecks.

Newfoundlaners Abroad. It allows people to track down fellow Newfoundlaners according to either their name, school they attended or their home town, and best of all it is free.
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