VEREKER, Father Lawrence R. 1834-1918
Born in County Kilkenny, Ireland, 1834, a brother of Father John Vereker. Following his arrival in St. John's in 1866, he resumed his ecclesiastical studies for the priesthood in St. Bonaventure's College, and was a seminarian there from 1866-1870. He completed the final course of his studies under the tutelage of Father Edward O'Keefe, parish priest of St. Patrick's Parish, Brigus, Conception Bay. Father Vereker was ordained to the Order of Priest by The Right Reverend Thomas Joseph Power in 1870. He was working in St. Edward's Parish, Kelligrews from 1877-1879; St. Michael's Parish, Bell Island, from 1880-1883. His next appointment was as the parish priest of Holy Trinity Parish, Ferryland, where he laboured for thirty-five years, 1883-1918. He was a member of the Roman Catholic School Board for Ferryland 1891, and most likely held that office up unto the year of his death. Father Vereker died at Ferryland June 19, 1918, in the 84th year of his age, and the 48th year of his priesthood. In his obituary it was said of him that 'he was not by any means a learned man, but what he lacked in knowledge, he made up in shrewdness. His great alertness, agility and health of body, his great vigour and activity lived with him up to the last. His attractive personality drew people to himself wherever he went, particularly so in the administrations of the sacraments.'